Ecton lies in Staffordshire, in the south-west corner of the Peak District National Park in the valley of the River Manifold. The nearest villages are Warslow and Hartington. The facilities at Ecton provide a unique environment for the pursuit of Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, History, Physics, Social Sciences, Archaeology, Minerals Processing, Mining, and Surveying.

The Ecton Hillside

Just a wander over the Ecton Hillside is enough to whet the appetite for what else there is on offer. A James Watt engine house, stunning geological outcrops, a unique ecological system, dozens of shafts and adits and an unparalleled view from the hilltop make this an unforgettable experience.

The G A Cox Study Centre

The G A Cox study centre can be used as a meeting place, a lecture room (with a capacity of 25) or a laboratory (with all the equipment required for the EHFSA courses and more). There is also a changing room containing the necessary safety equipment for underground visits.

An outdoor meeting place/lecture area provides a pleasant alternative for fine weather activities.

Underground in Salt's Level

No visit to Ecton would be complete without an underground visit. Owing to Insurance restrictions most visitors will only be able to visit Salt's level but this is a treasure trove of geological and historic mining features.

It is possible for specialist interest groups to explore the mine in greater detail (and depth) but only under strict conditions. See: Maintenance and Access Policy and Safety Policy under Documentation.

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